Present: Darlene Wohlers-Piper, Karen Oldenkamp, Joanne Burkemper, Sue Sumner, Mary Hawn

Absent: Jan Hartman

Joanne reported on birdies and ringers.  Balance currently $2307.72

Hole in one North $145 Hole in One South $240.00

leaving $1922.72

Joanne suggested payouts:

Birdies 65 @ $5.00     $325.00 Ringers 50% of field is 26 @ $10.00 $260.00

Board approved the payouts and to have a balance in treasury of $1337.72 to carry forward.  Without final luncheon treasury is slightly higher than normal.  But, with some expected changes example having to pay for Santa Capers pairings party will reserve until needed.

New Business:

Suggested that we eliminate the office of Luncheon Coordinator.  Committee members arrange luncheon when setting up the event.  Will discuss again and suggest By-law change.

Mary Hawn will send out notice that Dues are due on or before April 1st.  Also that we have a need for an auditing committee to audit the treasury for this year. 

Meeting adjourned

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