Due to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, all activities in and around Cypress Lakes have been canceled until further notice.
The BCLGA bylaws require a meeting held to vote in new officers for coming year. Therefore, Tuesday March 24, 2020 we had our spring meeting which was held outdoors prior to league play.
Meeting was called to order 8:30 am by President Darlene Wohlers-Piper
The reading of the previous meeting notes and treasurers report were not read. Members present approved to read and review them at the next meeting in the fall.
Treasurer Joanne Burkemper reminded all that the dues of $45.00 and Hole In Ones must be paid on or before April 1st, for the new year. If not paid incur a penalty.
Old Business:
Darlene reviewed a few items that are being worked on.
Volunteers needed for 2020-2021 year.
Combo Tee committee has met and are working on getting these in place in near future.
Looking to put some new events on Tuesday schedule
Due to no spring luncheon following play March 31ST Birdies and ringers will be paid out prior to league play on the 31st.
New Business:
Three officers are leaving the board this spring and Darlene expressed thanks to them for their service. Joanne Burkemper, Karen Oldenkamp and Sue Sumner. The nomination committee chair Karen Oldenkamp asked for any nominations from the floor. The three members that have volunteered for office are Debra Wilbur, Jennifer Renauld and Paulette Hall. The members present voted and the three were accepted as the new board members.
Meeting was adjourned 8:50.

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